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Professional audio

Professional audio – or 'pro audio' – is the collective name for audio equipment for professional use. BaSys and its pro audio dealers offer a wide range of professional audio equipment. Our pro audio products can be divided into the following groups or subcategories: Mixers, DJ equipment, professional loudspeakers, portable and installed PA systems, power amplifiers, signal processors, modeling and effect processors, guitar stompboxes, instrument tuners, guitar amps and speakers, bass amps and speakers, keyboard amps, wired and wireless microphones, professional and DJ headphones, midi controllers, audio interfaces, recording equipment and software, musical instruments and pro audio accessories. We also offer some lighting systems, which are typically used in professional audio environment. Read more...

With the pro audio products available from this store you can make your own professional music. Pro audio equipment is used for composing, recording and editing music for CD, other media, television, film or advertising. Pro Audio Systems are owned by companies, which produce music, including songwriting in a recording studio, television, radio, at a concert, theatre or an event.

Working professionally or to a professional standard is, therefore, all about pleasing people, or in other words doing work that they like, they enjoy, they will pay for, or they can profit from. Professional audio typically includes the production or reproduction of professional sound for an audience by individuals, who do such work as an occupation. They use sound reinforcement systems designed for this purpose.

A pro sound reinforcement system makes live or pre-recorded sounds louder and may also distribute those sounds to a larger or more distant audience. In some situations a sound reinforcement system is also used to enhance the sound of the sources on the stage, as opposed to simply amplifying the sources unaltered.

Pro audio refers to the process amplifying acoustic and electronic sounds from a professional performance or speech so that a large audience can hear it clearly. In popular music a large audience can be entertained and excited by the quality amplification.

A pro sound reinforcement systems may be very different starting from a Pro-Audio equipment as simple as a small public address (PA) system, consisting of a single microphone connected to an amplified (or active) loudspeaker. Portable PA systems are powered by a rechargeable battery thus independent from AC outlets for several hours.

On the upper end of professional audio systems are large stage installations, including dozens of microphones, complex audio mixing often using digital mixing consoles and signal processing systems, thousands of watts of amplifier power and multiple loudspeaker arrays, all overseen by a team of audio engineers and technicians.

A typical professional audio system consists of input transducers (e.g. microphones for voice, vocals or acoustic musical instruments or electrical/digital musical instruments like keyboards, synthesizers, digital piano, guitars, drums, etc.), which convert sound energy into an electric signal, connectors and cables, which carry the signal from one equipment to another one over mixing consoles and signal processors which mix the signals and alter the signal characteristics (e.g., equalizers, compressors, etc), amplifiers, which add power to the signal without otherwise changing its content and output transducers (e.g., loudspeakers), which convert the signal back into sound energy. These primary parts involve varying amounts of individual components to achieve the desired goal of reinforcing and clarifying the sound for the audience, the performers or other individuals. Hide